Epson Filming

We were really chuffed when Epson contacted us to ask if we would feature as a case study for their latest series of videos promoting their new SureColor SC-30600. We were one of the first UK installations of the printer, which has been a great asset to our business, and we were delighted to accept and take part.


And so a crew from Citizen Films descended on our production facility in Newport earlier this full force. Two directors, a camerman, soundman, lighting engineer and a couple of representatives from Epson arrived around 8am and set straight to work. 

Professional lighting shone through our office window, furniture was re-positioned and filters were stuck to all our lights to create the best atmosphere for the camera. The whole place was a flurry of activity (even more so than on a busy day!). 

It was fascinating to watch the film crew who literally worked without stopping (except for a quick lunchtime sandwich between takes) for a full 12 hours. The director barely came up for air!


It was a great example of teamwork at its best. It wasn't until later in the day we learned that some of the crew had never worked together before. From where we were sitting it seemed like they'd been working with one another for years. 

We had a fantastic (though slightly tiring) day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thanks to the team at Citizen Films and Epson for making it happen. We can't wait to see the finished video and we'll be sure to share it with you here. In the meantime we've put more photos of the day up on our Facebook page here.


Oh, and we even got to wear make up! Sorry Lee. :-)